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Leather Babies: Zana Bayne Fall 2011

Usually only serious Bikers and Leather Daddies will be seen wearing their best leather pieces in the sweltering summer heat. Today though, plenty of Zana Bayne lovers, myself included, strapped on their harnesses of all colors and varieties to show support for her first ever presentation, featuring pieces from her Fall collection. I've been a friend/fan of Zana's for a few years now, and it's been amazing to watch her work progress from the minimal, elegant shoulder strap harnesses to extraordinarily complex concoctions made from dozens of straps, loops and grommets. I'm incredibly impressed by the new styles, which include full breastplates and vests made from intricately woven straps and buckles, and an awesome set of leg harnesses that strap under your boot like spats, before winding up and encasing your legs. My favorite harness is still my own classic tan winged harness, which I ordered from Zana a year ago after hours of deliberation (so many choices!). Nonetheless, when fall rolls around, I'm thinking that one of her new patent leather pieces is a must.

Zana Bayne harness, Gestuz dress, shoes courtesy of 80%20, Collina Strada bag courtesy of Urban Outfitters, Slow and Steady Wins the Race sunglasses, spike earrings courtesy of Joshua Hall, Triskaidekaphobia tooth necklace and bandage cuff. Photos by my gay husband, Brandon.


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A.P.C. plaid shirt, thrift camel cardigan, Gap jeggings, A.P.C. loafers, Ray Ban wayfarers

Sometimes I worry that people will think I'm too boring. I mean, I always make a joke about being predictable but there are so many bloggers out there with their cute fancy ensembles yet I'm here posting a shirt, cardigan, and jeans... how boring! Well in any case, I wore this just to get coffee so any effort that I would have made to look decent would have gone to waste since I wasn't planning on going anywhere. But you know what? I'm okay with looking like this 70% of the time and sharing it even if it is boring. I hope you guys are too.

By the way, I still think this is relevant.


In other news, I'm working on a summer playlist right now. So far I have 17 songs but I'm still trying to work out the order. Many of them have already been featured here, thanks to everyone who actually takes the time to listen to the songs that I post!

"Rollerskate" - Matias Aguayo


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String Section

All photos by Elisabet Davids and threeASFOUR

Last month I picked up a classic threeASFOUR circle bag at the Opening Ceremony Sample Sale, conjuring up old memories of how obsessed I had been with the design when it first appeared years ago (was it a decade ago, or more?). Recently, threeASFOUR has slipped off my mental radar, and I hadn't really looked at their collections for several seasons. Shame on me, as this fall collection is especially good. This season the eclectic design collective was inspired in large part by string instruments, which were incorporated into the clothes in the form of full violins and miniature harps, as well as plenty of strings, naturally.

I'm particularly obsessed with the bits and pieces they made in partnership with Bollinger Atelier, a family atelier that works with artists and sculptors to help realize their ideas. They created several of the showstopping pieces for threeASFOUR, including this functioning (!!!) harp belt, that was constructed with the help of a harp technician, and two shoulder pieces. The designs fluidly integrate art, music, and fashion, in a synesthetic way that only threeASFOUR could achieve.