Bobby Doherty

Pictures by Bobby Doherty. Check out his website fore more photos. Found via Pig Magazine #90.

the beach? in march?

eyelet dress c/o White Crow Boutique, Amper Tote c/o One Language, Rachel Comey boots, Ray Ban wayfarers

If anyone needed a clearer example of how bipolar the weather is here in San Francisco, just look at my blog. A couple posts ago I was baring my legs at the beginning of the month then as the weeks progressed the weather got worse with a few nice days here and there. It's kind of hard to believe that in my last post less than a week ago I was wearing a heavy coat and oversized scarf when I post pictures from the beach like these! I had been wearing a different outfit earlier during a job interview and was sweating profusely in pants and a trench by the time I met up with Megan to enjoy the weather at the beach. I know 75 degrees isn't exactly burning hot (especially compared to the weather in LA, where I hear it almost reached 90) but here that's totally acceptable as beach weather. For further proof, refer to this post from last summer when Brent and I tried to have a picnic in this same location. Thanks, San Francisco!


There were people around us in bikinis and beach wear but I'm not really into that so I just wore a simple dress and threw on an H&M cardigan when it was finally chilly around 7. Can you guess where we went to pick up food for a beach picnic? Look, I'm all for eating at amazing restaurants around the city (last night Brent and I went to Frances for our two year anniversary, totally deserved their Michelin star!) but sometimes you just really want Taco Bell. How can you go wrong at a place with a 99 cent burrito that has Fritos in it and has Mountain Dew as a fountain option? Seriously, you guys.

Taco Bell

And just for a little added bonus, here's a quick peek inside my bag. My red Millimeter Milligram is from Rare Device (they no longer stock it unfortunately), mini campus notebook is from a store in Japantown, make up bag is Fog Linen from Atomic Garden in Oakland, and I'm sure I don't have to list where everything else is from... one of these days I'll try to empty it out and show everything neatly organized.

totes and boots

By the way, I updated/reopened my shop blog with new things and deleted what was sold...

Bits And Bobs #59

Shirt by COS, Flannel Overshirt by American Apparel, Trousers by Topman, Vintage Straw Hat & Shoes, Glasses by Moscot

It was really sunny last week in Zurich and it was finally time to leave your coats on the rack and put on my straw hat for the first time this year. In spring, sunny doesn't equal very warm so you still had to layer a bit and I really like this flannel shirt by American Apparel for that. They even stepped up the design with nicer looking buttons than on previous shirts. These oxford shoes are the ones I was talking about in my previous Bits And Bobs entry. They are from the 50s and I found them in a vintage store in London in one of those streets at Seven Dials.

old favorites

H&M coat, H&M scarf, Citizens of Humanity jeggings, vintage lace up boots

It was super chilly in SF yesterday so I pulled out this heavy coat from H&M that I've had for years. I haven't bought any new outerwear in a really long time (not including the A.P.C. trench) and it's nice to have these pieces which have served me well for the past few years. I think I picked up this oversized scarf around the same time; it's super ratty and old but I wear it to death anyway. I met up with Lulu for lunch (at our favorite local Chinese restaurant in the city, HAHAHAH) then we headed over to the Mission to meet with Ken from HIMYS. Luckily it didn't rain until they were finished with the shoot. Can't wait to see the pictures! I didn't have to pose (thankfully) this time around since it was Lulu's turn, maybe next time.

Okay, time to finish watching the USA vs Argentina match. GO USA!


Pink for Vogue Girl Korea

1. Pink Backless Frock, vintage; 2. Quilted "Bedroom" Jacket, Vintage; lavender zipper short, american apparel; peach platforms, l'autre chose; vintage vinyl purse, hermes;

I took some photos of my favorite pink items for Vogue Girl Korea's March Issue, click here to enlarge. I'm generally pretty girly and I am naturally attracted to all pink things, so this was a simple task for me. I've really been into soft pale pink's lately, and I've been wearing them with a lot of other neutral/fleshy tones to create an over all monotone look.

It's spring, and although we've had some scattered rain here in the southland, I'm really excited for warmer days. I'm also on a mission to find a perfect patch of flowers to take some photos in, I hope I find it soon!

Streetstyle Selection #11

It has been almost three months since my last Streetstyle Selection entry and fashion week is always the best time to collect them. I was a little overwhelmed by the number of outfits when I looked at my Google Reader folder. I like all the various maxi skirts in this selection and as usual what inspires me the most is how they combine colour, pattern and different fabrics. You can see all my previous Streetstyle Selections at once here.

a.p.c. ss11

A.P.C. SS11A.P.C. SS11

A.P.C. SS11A.P.C. SS11

A.P.C. SS11A.P.C. SS11

Currently in a funk. I wish the weather were warmer.

Institute for Fashion Design Basel Gradute Show 2011

The graduate show 2011 of the institute for fashion design in Basel took place a week ago and it was the first time I had the chance to attend. I was already impressed solely by the size and organization of the whole event and they surely do not have to hide from any regular fashion show. You already kind of notice how much money is involved and what prestige it must be in Switzerland to graduate from that school by looking at the long list of sponsors. There were 18 collections in total from all the graduates. The overall quality and finish of the clothes looked impressive as far as I could tell from my seat and you could sell them straight from the runway. Most of the clothes looked rather futuristic (in a good way) and more or less wearable. Wearability shouldn't be a criterion for a graduate collection anyway though. Shini linked me an interesting interview about this subject matter between Cathy Horyn and Louise Wilson (director of the M.A. program at Central Saint Martins). Here are my favourite looks from the show and I would love to hear how they compare to graduate students from your city or country.