passion suit

fuschia silk playsuit, vintage;

this thing is so ridiculous. but i still love it!

i wouldn't do that

knit sweater, urban outfitters; cut out dress , aa; shoes, moschino cheap & chic;

This outfit has been sort of my default for anything that requires dressing up, I wore it a few times in both of my trips to vegas and ny in the last few weeks. I especially adore the chanel feeling of the sweater. The past couple of days have been beautiful around these parts. Everything is green and lush from the recent rains, so excited to go on a nice long hike tomorrow!

Golden Wedge

heels, Moschino Cheap & Chic; Poppy tights, AA;

Believe it or not, I trecked through the ny snow in these. Thanks Camille for helping me along those slippery slushy sidewalks. These are definitely painful, but I'm determined to make my feet conform.

what not to wear

bow blouse, cali select; shorts & tights, aa; bubble trench, h&m; heels, alexander wang;
If you would like to not freeze in 33° weather, wear everything opposite of what I wore the other day. This is my failed attempt to stay warm, foolish. Despite the bone-chilling temperature, I had a great time in NY this past weekend, it was a pleasure to meet and catch up with my blogging compadres. I missed a couple shows I was excited to go to due to over sleeping and simply not knowing what to put on that will shield me from the cold, and didn't get to do as much as I planned, but I guess it's not the worst thing. Gotta say though, the best thing about that city (the only thing I can't complain about, I complained a lot!) is the food. Every meal I had was spot on perfect, a tip of my bow head band to you chefs.

Pointy Bow Hair Band

I've been getting a landslide of emails asking how I made the bow I wore in this post so I thought I'd make a quick video. I can't sew at all, so I won't make anything unless it is super easy and this definitely is. I used an american apparel sash because it is already finished with the perfect pointy shape I was looking for. All you have to do is grab the ends with tips facing opposite directions and tie them together. Pull and shape the bow to the length & floppiness desired and tie around head. If you don't want to ruin the sash forever you can leave the ends hanging in the back, but i usually cut it so its just the right size for my head. And that's all folks, I told you it's super easy!

ps, i cut like 5 inches off my hair. it's gonna take a long time getting used to having medium length hair. sigh.