true faith

Gap denim jacket, Hope cropped top, vintage maxi skirt, vintage lace up boots

Wore this on Monday, I think? Went to get Vietnamese food at Out The Door in the mall and caught Bridesmaids at the Metreon. I also thoroughly embarrassed myself in the park outside the theater by almost falling into the water a couple times.......


Ohh and I guess I'm going to Russian River this weekend for a friend's birthday! Hopefully it'll be a decent break from reality like Coachella was because I really need it right now.




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vogue paris


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It Came From The Sky

Photographed by Richard Burbridge, Styled by Robbie Spenzer and Artwork by Maurizio Anzeri for Dazed & Confused June 2011

nowhere fast

Saint James striped top, chambray top c/o bb dakota, april 77 jeans, rachel comey bernard platforms, coach satchel

Pictures from happy hour last week. Megan and I wore the same jeans and drank beers at Thee Parkside while trying to figure out why this photo of her from the last time we were there blew up on Tumblr (and landed on a couple thinspo sites??) Oh well! What else have I been up to... umm, I dyed my hair? Other than that, everything is pretty much the same I suppose. Nothing too exciting.


I don't think I ever talked about my Ina shirt here, did I? I'm a huge Ina Garten fan and had been looking for an oversized chambray shirt everywhere since I figured that would be the closest I could get to her even with my mediocre cooking skills weighing me down (I'm more of a Jeffrey to be quite honest). Oh Ina, oh Ina! But really, how awesome is it that she quit her government job and ended up where she is now? Okay aside from that Make A Wish fiasco I still think she's pretty freaking awesome.




word on the street is these will be hitting urbanoutfitters soon
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topshop sunnies
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lna holiday 2011
modeled by alexandra spencer
photographed by kenneth capello


Bits And Bobs #61

Denim Shirt by American Apparel, Jersey Sweatpants by Acne, Oxford Shoes by Rachel Comey, Glasses by Moscot

Uff. The end of the term is approaching and I am basically at school everyday in the darkroom doing some black and white prints in the old fashioned manner, which needs quite some practice. Change is good, so I decided to pick up another pair of Moscot frames. I am so happy with the Lemtosh that I didn't even look at any other brand. I went for a totally different colour and also slightly rounder model – the Miltzen. They're not replacing my Lemtosh but it's nice to be able to change your frames and give your face another look whenever you feel like.