Tent blouse, vintage albert nipon; taupe riding pant, american apparel; new orbit bubblemint gum;

I adore vintage Albert Nipon pieces, the designs and patterns are so damn amazing! This one in particular is my favorite piece I own, I always feel like a clown in it because the sleeves are so large but oh well!

Speaking of, I dragged my bf to see SATC2 last night, I really wish I didn't see it. I feel like the movie was a little bit over styled, and as he put it best "they looked like clowns". I also did not appreciate the circus like way they portrayed the middle east. What a shame!

Make Believe

Polka dot blouse, vintage; Red wool trouser, Kenzo; Mesh twist head band, american apparel; new orbit gum;
"It's all make believe, isn't it?"- Marilyn Monroe

Had some dinner with my sister at a local diner, the walls of this place were filled with old hollywood portraits. As cheesy as the decor was, I really like it!

Pink Air

50's house dress, vintage; wedges, pierre hardy for gap; coney island nailpolish, american apparel; new orbit gum;

Really into knee length skirts and dresses lately. Although, I'm pretty short, 5'3", and unless I wear my tallest heels I end up looking really really small. Love the pattern on this dress too! It was so windy when we took these photos, dress kept flying up everywhere, yikes!

blue boats

sleevless button up, american apparel; linen trouser, vintage; red sandal, zahir; new peppermint orbit gum;

Over the years, every time I go thrifting I end up picking up a pair of linen pants, trying them on, then thinking 'no, not gonna happen linen gets loose and gross'. This past week I changed my mind and bought a few pairs at my favorite thrift store out in sunland. Paired them with my new bold red heels, gotta say though the sole/heel ratio is a little funny and I feel like I'm wearing little boats on my feet. Also, excuse the scraggly hair here, high winds from all directions don't make nice hair photos!

Grey Daze

salt & pepper cropped sweater & creme pant, american apparel; flats,; new orbit gum;

Heather grey is definitely my favorite thing to wear at the moment. It's so strange how you can go from abhorring a color to all of a sudden adorinng it. I also practically live in these pants, comfort is key for me these days! I've spent all last week working & shooting with the overwhelmingly lovely Zanita. It was a pleasure to get to know her and show her around LA!

Anyone who studies design understands the impact that packaging has on our perception of a product. I know nothing excites me more than receiving a new pair of shoes, in a nice huge box neatly overstuffed with loads of tissue paper. I also often buy make-up products ( naively!!) based on how cute the packaging is. Sounds pretty superficial, but our first impression is what the package looks like and it makes a difference! Orbit recently redesigned all of their gum with 30 fresh new designs, and asked me to pick my favorite designs and coordinate them with some outfits. At first I thought ' that's silly, I don't wear gum I eat it! ' but when I actually thought about it I found it to be an interesting challenge. So, in the next few posts I will be debuting my favorite packaging. Stay tuned!


Printed bodysuit, jeremy scott; oversized chambray shirt & mesh pant, american apparel; jazz shoe, bloch;

I've been pruning my closet for a little bit, every week taking out things I havent worn/don't ever want to wear again. It's soothing. Kinda nice to know that my confidence and security does not depend on size of my closet or other material objects. I ended up giving away 90% of my jackets and cardigans. So now when I'm cold my big shirts are worn as super lightweight jackets. Also let it be known to the world, these are the coolest pants ever.


blush chiffon blouse, vintage; nude bodysuit & summer peach pant, american apparel; wedges, gifted pierre hardy for gap;

These are the perfect pair of heels for this spring, I switched out the original floral print strap for a less bulky one. I often fall for body part bearing clothing, and lately it seems to be all I want to wear. I found this dreamy blush pink top at Slow on melrose a few months ago, I knew I had to have it the moment it came into my sight. Finally the weather and mood is just right for me to wear it.

Hope everyone has had a nice relaxing weekend!


Absolutley love these ooey gooey videos, the textrues and colors are so inspiring. Check out Morphologic's vimeo page for more!