Grey Daze

salt & pepper cropped sweater & creme pant, american apparel; flats,; new orbit gum;

Heather grey is definitely my favorite thing to wear at the moment. It's so strange how you can go from abhorring a color to all of a sudden adorinng it. I also practically live in these pants, comfort is key for me these days! I've spent all last week working & shooting with the overwhelmingly lovely Zanita. It was a pleasure to get to know her and show her around LA!

Anyone who studies design understands the impact that packaging has on our perception of a product. I know nothing excites me more than receiving a new pair of shoes, in a nice huge box neatly overstuffed with loads of tissue paper. I also often buy make-up products ( naively!!) based on how cute the packaging is. Sounds pretty superficial, but our first impression is what the package looks like and it makes a difference! Orbit recently redesigned all of their gum with 30 fresh new designs, and asked me to pick my favorite designs and coordinate them with some outfits. At first I thought ' that's silly, I don't wear gum I eat it! ' but when I actually thought about it I found it to be an interesting challenge. So, in the next few posts I will be debuting my favorite packaging. Stay tuned!