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i totally get ripped off for japanese mags like JJ & Vivi, but i keep coming back for a new issue every month. I absolutely love the format of japanese mags, less ads & more funny/cheese content. Although i have no intention to try any of it out, I adore when they feature step-by-step hair and make-up on like 6 different girls.

I'm totally smitten by these new twist head bands we're making at cali select. Oh how easily I fall for a giant bow to put on my head!


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I've got a thing for cute novelty pins, saw this kiss and made it mine!

tall tale

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I've been feeling a little bit uninspired lately, so Nour and I took a little trip to the library for a little creative stimulation. Usually I bury myself in some weird/boring law related books, but today we decided to hang out in the children's section looking at mind blowingly amazing illustrations in old old children's books. 1001 Arabian nights is still my favorite tall tale of all time. I guess my cultural biases prevail, what can I do. Definitely a nice and relaxing way to spend a rainy saturday. What did you do?