{ plaids }

{ karen walker 'number one' sunnies, gifted l.a.m.b. top, vintage moschino skirt (recently seen HERE / the plaid is created from rows of type!), anya hindmarch clutch, alexander wang shoe }

as my hair gets a teensy bit longer, i've been alternating between tighter, twenties-ish curls (as seen yesterday) and this looser, more natural wave (also worn on monday). it's the same process, but this time around i'm curling bigger sections at a time and using much less hairspray. love having another option! i can't wait till i can break into braids and buns and center parts and such. this is a whole new frontier of girlhood for me!!

Eternity Now

Student shows are always a mixed bag, which is exactly why they are usually so much fun to watch. While there are inevitably a fair a share of designers who look like Project Runway castoffs, there are also plenty of emerging talents. The Swedish School of Textiles Graduate Show is always saturated with the country's top creatives, and it was one of the shows I looked forward to seeing the most while I was in Stockholm.  While there are plenty of highlights that I will share with you later, I left with a singular obsession with Clara Flygare's collection, "Eternity Now." Combining uber-oversized tent-shaped dresses with hypnotic prints of pyramids, evil eyes, and pagan symbols, the models looked like Bedouin tribeswomen who had arrived at the Blair Witch Trial. I highly suggest you take a look at all of Clara's lookbook photos, as well as her film below. I think you will become obsessed too.

Lookbook photo by Per Moller 

I am the Maenad - Clara Flygare from Everyone We Know on Vimeo.

My hair routine

My daily hair routine is surprisingly easy.. I've never really had the patience or interest to spend too much time on it, as I tend to want to keep it mostly natural. I've inherited the thick locks from my father.. don't get me wrong he's hair is about an inch long but has no signs of baldness. So no extensions needed and I am forever grateful.

I've had everything from black hair to short hair but during the past 5 years I've been adding highlights to work towards restoring the original blond shade, while keeping the lenght.. in fact I think a dreaded touch-up might be in order again..

I wash my hair about 3 times a week with John Frieda curly shampoo and conditioner, even if I don't have super curly hair, it enhances and defines the waves.. I do this at night and them I go to bed with wet hair...

In the morning I look like a troll but I'm mostly fine with that. To get shine and definition I use this Dreamcoat spay that's actually made for horses... (yess really) works wonders and as a tangle teezer, but unless you want to be moonwalking for the next 3 months, apply it over a bathtub or outside because it makes your floor very slippery!

To get more definition to the curls I occasionally spay my dry hair with a mix for water and sea salt.

But now let's introduce the dry shampoo. If you are not using it yet, this product will change your life. I use Batiste, they sell it at drugstores in a million different colours and fragrances. I go through about a bottle a week and it could not be better value for money, as it only costs a few pounds! I use it every single day in the roots of my hair, it gives a newly washed look and a matte finish. I love this stuff!!!!

So there you have it, I aim for the most natural look and sometimes it even means using products made for animals, but what could be more natural than that.

Hope you liked it! If there is something hair realted you would like to ask.. you can do it on twitter.


{ rest stop dress }

{ karen walker sunnies, kelly framel necklaces and wrap bracelet, miu miu dress, michael kors watch, anya hindmarch clutch, gifted corello shoes }

a few weeks ago, i was driving back from newport, rhode island, when i suddenly had to use the loo. after pulling off the highway at the nearest exit, what should i find but a barneys-equipped outlet mall?! i ran in to use the facilities, and ran back out with this new miu miu dress in tow. didn't cost much more than a tank of gas!

Altewai.Saome Spring 2012

All photos by Kristian Loveborg.

One of the most unexpected surprises of Stockholm Fashion Week was the Altewai.Saome show. In a bout of laziness, I had seriously considered skipping the show after the Cheap Monday show that took place directly before it ended late. I am so happy I opted to go rather than taking a nap. I had never heard of the brand before, and had no idea what to expect, but what I ended up seeing was one of the best shows of fashion week, and a total departure from the minimalist designs I'm accustomed to seeing from Swedish designers. The Malmo based duo of Natalia Altewai and Randa Saome got their start working at various Italian fashion houses, including Fendi, before deciding three seasons ago to work together on their own line.

For Spring 2012, the designers were inspired by the prototypical modern woman, who balances work and career with an active social life, and whose wardrobe is both sporty and sophisticated. The combination might not sound entirely new, but the interpretation was brilliant. Sculptural neoprene and perforated textiles cut in athletic silhouettes, layered with heavy embroidery and sequined embellishment. The clothes are meant to be versatile enough to wear both to work, and to a late night out, and while I don't know how work appropriate these clothes are, they are definitely feel quite perfect for the dancefloor or a good night out.

Perhaps most importantly, even though the clothes have the fine finishing of a luxury brand out of Paris or Milan, the prices are shockingly reasonable, and in line with the price points of their fellow Swedish designers. Even though the Altewai.Saome flagship store in Malmo was closed when I visited on a day trip to the city on Sunday, I longingly pressed my nose against the windowpane and saw that the majority of the store was 70% off. Somewhat distraught that I could not enter, I found that most of the items are still available on their online shop, and many of the incredible sales clothes are around $100 or even less. As soon as I have a proper postal address in Sweden, I will be ordering myself some new clothes.


A little piece of winter

lindex poncho
american apparel shirt
zara bag

photos by stefanie
This poncho scarf was a gift from when I went to see lindex's new campaign launch a few weeks ago.. I now realize how optimistically I packed only summer clothes to finland, so this little piece of winter came quite handy... It's that lovely time of year when shorts worn with a thick knit, or a long fur paired with open toe sandals totally makes sense.



Rodebjer Autumn Winter 2011 collection is now available!

Check out mohair jackets and coats, hot pink, star bursting prints, lipstick red and burgundies from collection, hitting stores this week.

Jeweled Earrings

People StyleWatch included Iosselliani O619/11AW purple stone and ram clip-on earrings in the Outfit Makers Jeweled Earrings story.

Available at Barneys!

{ the fancy }

{ pentax camera, chanel clutch, new york times newsprint-scented candle, alexander mcqueen card case, iwona ludyga ring, ny + la tables, emerson made jacket, arne jacobsen chair // all via the fancy }

having a birthday (like i did yesterday) means you get at least a month's week's worth of acceptable excuses to senselessly shop for yourself. which further means, this is the is the wrong time for me to get into the fancy ~ a highly-dangerous site for aesthetically-obsessed online lurkers like myself.

also bolstering my desire to buy stuff? watching american pickers on netflix! are you into it too?

Chasing dasies

isabel marant top
gina tricot jeans
asos boots

photos by stefanie

Another sunny day, or for me another great day to wear a beautiful kimono. I nowadays tend to say that I collect kimonos.. it justifies me to keep adding them to my collection, insted of being embarrassed for owning one in every colour... This one is from the 'chasing dasies' collection from Arnhem and the newest addition to my fall wardrobe.