This Week

This week is my last week in New York before leaving for Stockholm for six months.  I've been trying to get out as much as possible, but yesterday's sudden winter storm put a damper on my night's Halloween plans.  I refuse to let any other evenings go to waste, and will be stopping by these two parties and encourage you to join.

Although many chose to forgo Halloween festivities altogether, it has always been one of my favorite holidays, mainly because it involved collecting candy by the bag full. Figuring out costumes can be tough, but luckily I have a full drawer of old Six Six Sick outfits that can dress me for many Halloweens to come.  Tomorrow I plan on joining Occupy Halloween for the Halloween Parade, and then heading over to Patricia Field's Halloween bash at Co-op.

On Thursday, I'm planning on stopping by the YPX MOCA Gala, where there will be an open bar and dim sum from 7-9pm.  This year will be celebrating honorees who have made significant contributions in the Digital Arena.  Tickets are available here.