{ the sweater side }

when i first moved to new york from my mostly-balmy hometown of austin, texas, i was pretty sweater-inept. i never really had to wear them before (in my past environs, one jacket layer would typically suffice for the coldest days of the year), and definitely did not appreciate their chic possibilities. fast-forward a few years and i've more than come around to the sweater-side of life (see yesterday's post for proof)! i am happily wearing THIS WONDERFUL ONE while typing this post, and currently have a few quirkier varietals queued up on my mental wishlist:

{ top row, from left: cooperative raccoon sweater ($54), carin wester top-stripe sweater ($184), hot topic (shocking, i know!!) panda sweater ($36.50) // middle row: fred perry laurel wreath sweater in ivory ($319), dkny lipstick sweater ($195), dkny cherry-stripe sweater ($225) // bottom row: zac posen cardigan ($288), cooperative porcupine sweater ($54), fred perry laurel wreath sweater in navy ($319) }