Season of the Sea Witch

Last week, I stopped by the Langolier's showroom to view the new Spring collection, and of  course pre-order some jewelry for myself. Designed by my friends Zon and Pam, the collection started as a series of pieces based on knits, mixing knit chain, knit fabric, and metal castings of knit thread.  While the collection is still heavily based in these textile oriented roots, I'm awestruck by how much they've managed to develop this concept and expand their collection with other ideas that compliment their base collection.  This season's show-stopper is the Ursula the Sea Witch inspired breastplate necklace and matching earring set, which both look like slightly malevolent yet majestic gills, worthy of the wickedest sea witch.  The giant necklace is of course suspended from a net of knit chain. Another example of Pam and Zon's ingenuity comes in the form of intricately patterned metal mesh bracelets that were made from weaving gold and silver chain together.  The amount of anal-retentive labor required to produce such a piece is pretty much beyond my comprehension.  I naturally couldn't leave without ordering something, and I can't wait for my Ursula gill earrings to arrive this spring.  If you also feel like you cannot live without some Langoliers, you can find their pieces on their online shop.