Dip Dye

Dip Dye courtesy of Arrojo. East West sheer top, Joomi Lim cuff, Triskaidekaphobia necklace.

A little while back, I had the pleasure of getting my hair cut at my favorite salon, Arrojo.  They recently invited me back to test out their new Goldwell Coloring service, and I jumped at the opportunity to finally get the violet-blue dip dye job that I've been secretly longing to get for the past year.  While I used to dye my hair all the time as teenager, I haven't done it in about 8 years, and the main thing that's stopped me is my disapproving husband, who fears that I will look like the angsty teen that I once was.  Well, Jimmy happens to already be far away in Sweden (I'll be joining him on Friday), and only has a vague idea of what I've just done to my hair.

Inspired by the candy-colored hair at the recent Meadham Kirchhoff shows, as well as some photos from The Neverending Story blog, I brought some pictures to my dear friend Ashley Kowalski, who is one of the most in-demand colorists at Arrojo.  It took a whopping four hours, but with the help of her assistant Jamie, Ashley managed to produce the dip-dye color of my dreams.  Thanks so much Ashley, Jamie, and everyone at Arrojo!  I'll let you know how Jimmy reacts when I see him...

Inspiration snatched from The Neverending Story.

Ashley started by bleaching my hair to blonde, which took about two and a half hours!

After my hair was properly bleached, Ashley mixed some Goldwell purple and blue colors together.

Waiting for the dye to set

Dip Dye hair flip!