Siren Song

Nettie Kent could serve as an inspirational example for all the readers who email asking for tips on how to break into the design industry.  Like many other emerging jewelry designers, Kent did not receive any formal training in school, but instead got her jewelry education on the job, apprenticing for established jewelers like Philip Crangi and Jill Platner.  Her experience helped her forge her eponymous line of ethically made brass jewelry, which often takes on organic or geometric shapes.  For this season's Siren Collection, layered and interlocking triangles acts as a recurring motif.  Modeled entirely by illustrious local chanteuses like Nicole Atkins, Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, and Elizabeth Harper from Class Actress, the lookbook alone is evidence of Kent's impressive list of friends/fans.  As a designer though, I find myself most impressed by the fact that Nettie keeps track of her metal sources, uses recycled materials, and produces everything locally in New York.  It is an important model to look up to, as the jewelry business is one of the most environmentally damaging and unethical industries in the world.  Perhaps we can all find reasons to be inspired by Nettie Kent.