Everyone Needs A Bionic Bat

DEARRAINDROP hoodie, Comme des Garcons skirt, Dieppa Restrepo brogues.

Last week, I stopped by my friend Allegra's gallery for a dinner to celebrate her current exhibition, featuring artists Joe Grillo and Jason McLean.  Both artists were equally awesome, but I found myself particularly drawn to Grillo's series of Bionic Bats: cartoonish renderings of the grinning creature, in varying shades of fluorescent neon.  Absolutely joy inducing.  I was also somewhat obsessed with Grillo's hand-sewn hoodies, part of his work with art collective DEARRAINDROP.  I couldn't have both a bat and a hoodie, but I did end up trying it on.  I love the hilarious mishmash of images and the blinding colors, but nonetheless I decided I need art more than I need clothes, so I'm putting my money towards a Baby Bat.  The hoodie will have to wait for another time, but if you are interested, they are available for sale at the gallery. I highly suggest you stop by before the show closes on Saturday!

Just a few Bionic Bats.