Warmi Up!

While surfing the loveliest e-shop on the internet, The Moon and Mars (maybe I'm a bit biased since we sell there), I came across the most amazing new line of fun, colorful and kooky knits, Warmi.  Designed by Sylvia Toth in Paris, and then hand knit in the towns of Tausa and Sutatausa in Colombia by artisans, the line combines traditional Latin American textile craftsmanship with Parisian fashion-forwardness.  While I love the cartoonish depictions of snakes, birds, and other fuzzy four-legged creatures, I also appreciate Warmi's dedication to the craft of knitting.  Each of the Colombian artisans is featured in a small bio on the website, and all of them sign the pieces that they create.  Additionally, Warmi encourages people to knit their own pieces, selling kits so you can get started on a leopard-print armband project, and perhaps move on to more complex things from there.  Warmi has certainly inspired me to pick up my own set of needles soon--maybe I'll knit up my own phantasmagoric creature to keep me warm this winter.