The cropped cut

bruno pieters x weekday knit
weekday coat
vintage belt

If you have been looking closely, you might have noticed me wearing pieces from the bruno pieters collaboration with weekday quite frequently. One of those rare high-street collaborations that just work. Simple garments with extraordinary cuts and details, sometimes it's about stripping it down rather than the opposite. Speaking of which, what were your thoughts on the versace x hm collection? I have to say it was a little bit too much for me... but I did however like the oriental flower print, and some of the stuff from the men's collection, I'll try to post some of my closet newbies over the next few days.

Anyway back to the knit.. I have been wearing variations of the crop top with high-waisted jeans more that I've had time to photograph. Last few weeks I have been especially fond of the combo paired with this beautiful pastel kimono to break up the black every once in a while... maybe the light blue does not have to be as seasonal as I originally thought.