diy: the cap toe

Now that we've officially entered into boots season it only felt right to DIY a pair. And who better to take cue from than Coco Chanel?

How to: The Cap Toe
You will need:
A pair of boots or flats or flat boots (we used these)
Black or white acrylic or leather paint
Paint brush
Clear gloss finish spray
1. Cut and place a piece of tape around the toes of your shoes.

2. Apply 1 coat of paint to each toe and let dry for about 10 minutes.

3. Apply 2nd coat of paint and let dry.

4. Spray a moderate amount of clear finish to each toe and let dry.

5. Slowly peel back tape to reveal your crisp new cap toes.

Easy peasy.

This DIY was done in collaboration with Sophie Monet for StyleHive