Zuni Fetish

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Native American Zuni fetishes are small hand carved stone images of animals that are made by the talented Zuni Pueblo Artisans.

Zuni Pueblo is not just a name of an American Indian Tribe but it is a region in the Four Corners U.S.A. in the remote Northwest area of New Mexico about 150 miles west of the Rio Grande Valley. The population of the Zuni Pueblo Village has approximately 9500 to 10000 people and the primary revenue of its inhabitants is from their hand crafted art of making Native American Jewelry and hand carved Zuni fetishes.

These hand-carved fetishes remain part of the Zuni religion and culture and are believed to represent the animal spirit within the stone. Prior to the use of today’s power tools which produce finest contemporary, detailed carvings made, initially, Zuni fetishes were just stones that were found which had a rudimentary shape of an animal. The Zuni’s would place arrowheads on these stones to pray that the hunters arrow would find its mark, and give gratitude to the animal for giving its life for the sustenance of the hunter and his family.

The Zuni’s believe in six sacred directions with each direction being represented by a color: Above, North, East, South, West and Below. Each direction also has an animal associated with it both for fetishes believed to give healing and protection, and hunting fetishes which replace the badger with the bobcat as the southern animal, and the coyote replacing the bear as the animal of the west. You will find these directions and colors represented in their carvings:

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American Zuni Indian Turquoise Crocodile Fetish 
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Native American Zuni Bear Fetish, Carver Della Concho 
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Native American Zuni Bear Fetish, Carver Judith Homer 
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Native American Zuni Bear Fetish, Carver Kyle Mahooty 
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