Adam Beach

Date of Birth: 11 November 1972
Birth Name: Adam Beach
Place of Birth: Ashern, Manitoba, Canada Adam Beach Height: 5' 11"
Profession: Actor
Movies: Joe Dirt The Last Stop

One of the most visible Native American actors working in films, Adam Beach's recent claim to fame has been the portrayal of a young Native American youth who faces reservations across his own country in the critically acclaimed Clint Eastwood directed World War II drama, 'Flags of Our Fathers' (2006). But before this high profile movie project came Beach's way, he was busy establishing his reputation as a versatile and talented actors in a string of independent movies and assorted TV appearances in meaty roles in many of Hollywood's productions.

Born on 11 November 1972, in Ashren, Canada, Beach belongs to the First Nation of Saulteaux origin (native people of Canada). At the age of eight Beach lost his parents to fatal accidents within a span of three-months. Beach along with his brothers were adopted to be raised by his aunt and uncle and relocated to Winnipeg. Though Beach joined his high school drama club for fun, he promptly fell in love with the art of performing and joined the Manitoba Theatre for Young People after dropping out of school! In 1990, Beach landed his first lead role for on-screen credit in 'Lost in the Barrens', in a supporting role, at the age of 18. More roles followed in other Theatre productions and Canadian TV serials including the lead role in 'Squanto: A Warrior's Tale' (1995), Disney's historical drama. But the movie 'Dance Me Outside' (1995) directed by Bruce McDonald's that can be described as Beach's breakout from 'obscurity to popularity' role! The film was based on W.P. Kinsella's novel and was a big hit due to its wit and style. The success of DMO was followed by the success of a TV spin-off series, 'The Rez' (1995-98) with Beach as one of the cast members. Work started coming in steadily after the success of DMO. In 1996, he married Meredith Porter and fathered two sons (1996 & 1998). 'Smoke Signals' directed by Chris Eyre, and released in 1998 was another career highlight for Beach. This comedy-drama about two young men who try to come to terms with their heritage and families while on a road trip to collect the remains of one man's father was the first ever film to be written, directed, produced, and starring Native American actors.

The movie won several awards doing the rounds of the film festival circuits including the Sundance Film Festival and Independent Spirit Award, and helped Beach turn Hollywood's eyes on himself. 'Mystery, Alaska' (1999), was Beach's first Hollywood role and he spared no effort. This was followed by 'Joe Dirt' (2001), and in 2002, Beach got another great opportunity. He was offered his meatiest role to date, in John Woo's WWII drama 'Windtalkers', where he plays the role of a Navajo soldier whose services are engaged by U.S Army to deliver a code in the native language. Nicholas Cage and Christian Slater were his co-stars. For this role, Beach has to learn to speak Navajo! Though, the film wasn't a huge commercial success, but it gave Beach plenty of frame space to showcase his acting skills and hold his own against Hollywood stalwarts such as Cage! Adam Beach acted in many movies after Windtalkers such as 'Skinwalkers, TV Series 'Third Watch' (NBC, 1999-2005), 'Bottom's Up) (2006) etc. Beach has constantly vowed critics with the singular quality of his performances even in a movie with ensemble cast!