A Singular Obsession

All photos by LD Tuttle

LD Tuttle has always been on the top of my list of favorite shoe designers.  Tiffany Tuttle's shoes are  innovative and interesting, cool and conceptual, and never overtly sexy. In fact, with names like The Creature and The Tourniquet, they're pretty much the opposite of FMPs.  They're more like fetish objects for shoe obsessed women to covet, collect, and maybe lovingly stroke in the middle of the night.  My husband might puzzle over my LD Tuttle wedges with a mohawk of horsehair protruding from the top (he once tried to use them to shine his own shoes to my outrage), but they are the most prized pair of heels in my entire wardrobe.  I'm already lusting over the lace-up boots above, and plotting on how I will get my hands on them.  If you take a look at the lookbook video below, I think you will become similarly fixated.