Molly Culver

I saw Molly Culver on one of her movies and thought she was fascinating!  Here are some interesting facts about her!

Molly Culver, Native American
Molly Culver is 1/4 American Indian

  • Former high fashion, runway, and print model. Is 1/4 American-Indian.
  • Her grandmother was a full-blood Native-American woman of Choctaw/Chickasaw descent. 
  • Has a son, Sonny, born in 2006. 
  • Her husband, Clay Cullen, is a stuntman.
  • She is a avid baker and an avid motorcycle rider. 
  • Attended Sonora High School in Sonora, California. 
  • Two years into college, her agent told her she could be a model. 
  • Soon, she found herself in Australia for six months, landing on covers of magazines. 
  • She never went to the prom and never got asked out in high school. 
  • For the next five years, she modeled but, feeling unfulfilled, she moved into acting. 
  • Has an older sister and two brothers and grew up a tomboy. 
  • Her father was a jet pilot, dentist and anthropologist and her mother was a nurse. 
  • Daughter-in-law of Peter Cullen.
Source: IMDb - Molly Culver

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